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Organizations prepare themselves for constantly changing business environments in the modern world. With the advent of Information Technology, the enterprises have witnessed various changes and innovations. These inventions facilitate the productivity of the organizations. One of such innovations is Word Document that is a useful computer application. Replete with advanced features the application makes a user more flexible for the smooth functioning in any kind of work.

A computer user can deploy a Word document in many different ways. A Word file provides him with an array of template, layout, font size, font color, paragraph setting, alignment and many such features. The template and layout deliver a professional appearance to the document. You can personalize these templates and layout as per your requirements. There are various font sizes to select. Word document includes different types of font sizes to give a comic style or a professional style or of any other kind to your text. Font colors make your text look more attractive. You can highlight vital points in your text with different font colors. The paragraph settings provide appropriate spaces between paragraphs and lines. Equipped with grammatical ability a user can check grammar errors and prepare flawless documents. The feature highlights incorrect words, sentences and makes suggestions on various sentences. It also shows vocabulary, synonym or antonym of certain words. This helps the user to edit the text and strike unnecessary sentences. There is a feature of sending mails to a number of people. It is called Macro with which you can mail the entire text to a number of recipients. You can also insert image, clip-art, and graphic in the text. A user can customize these images and use for presentation, projects or any other task. A person can also insert Watermarks in the text for security, information or entertainment purpose. With the conversion ability, a user can convert Word to PDF, Excel or Power Point and vice-versa.

A Word document is a highly user-friendly computer application that speeds up the work process. With the attributes, a Word file offers a user with flexibility in his tasks that helps him to keep pace with the aggressive competition in the modern world.

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Word Document - Boosts Your Agility

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This article was published on 2010/03/27