Discover The Power Of Word 'free'

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Free, its the most powerful word in the English language in my view. I am also willing to argue with someone who things otherwise. The word FREE has proven itself time & time again. All i am going to say is put it in your promotion.

The Power of the Word 'Free'

Im not going to sit here & describe to you why. However, I do know, I will end up doing that any way.

Do you've an Opt in page right now? Do you've a list or a sales page? Do you've any place thats online & where people can come & visit your virtual Empire? I sure hope you do, because in case you dont, then they have a whole new set of issues that they must go through.

Now you must be thinking that my product is not free, Im charging $77 for it. Of coursework youre charging for it, I do know, BUT, u got FREE bonuses, FREE cash back guarantee, all sorts of FREE stuff around your product.

But in case you got a place, Free, free, free, free, free, free put it in. Use this word, exploit it. It will increase your conversion, I promise you, & for sure it will.

But be ethical & dont get yourself in trouble with FTC & definitely dont get me in trouble with the FTC.

But understand the word FREE is very powerful.

I saw his page & said that the word FREE is here only for about five times. It's actually hidden; its not prominent, not visible. The word FREE ought to be like a stamp, right above the Opt in Box, & I require FREE in the Headline. I require FREE in the submit button when they put the name & e-mail in & hit submit. I require free in there, I require free in all places.

Opt in pages. I did a check one times & I am going to get the information for you in the near future, i am going to put a future post about FREE with more information on it. But one times I had a client, a customer who was a mate & I help him built one of his opts in pages. Hello built his page & they came to me & said here is my page, take a look at it.

They said that I was one times crazy, & told me that its not going to work. It will also look dull. But guess what, 20% increase in conversions, I must get the exact information but thats what it actually was. FREE is ridiculous, put it in your e-mail, put it in your promotion, put it in all places. Give people free stuff. People love free. Im going to be leaving you with that. I dont require describing it to you. See, I dont require describing it to you. You require trying it. Whatever online property youve, go do some check with the word FREE in it. & Ill promise you, you will notice the dissimilarity.
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Discover The Power Of Word 'free'

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This article was published on 2010/10/04