3 Tips on How to Expand Your Vocabulary to Improve Your Rap Song Lyrics

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Are you getting tired of using the same old words to write your rap song lyrics with? If so, then it is time for you to expand your vocabulary. In our discussion, you will learn 3 ways that you can improve your vocabulary. The larger your vocabulary, the better your song writing skills will become.

Tip 1 - Read, read and never quit reading

If you want to expand your vocabulary, read everything that you can get your hands on. Read books, magazines, pamphlets and newspapers. Never stop reading. The more books that you read, the more that you will come across words that you don't know. When you find a word you don't know, stop and look it up. Find out what it means. Once you find out the meaning, write it down in your journal on your new words page. Just remember to keep reading.

Tip 2 - Read the Dictionary

I know that this sounds silly, but stop and think about it. If I want to learn new words, where is the best place to go? Of course, the best place to go is where all the words are. There are 7 days in the week, so for a week, take a different letter each day. Start with looking for 5 or 10 word that you don't know. It doesn't have to be that many. Even if you take one new word a day and learn that one. By the end of the month, you will have learned 49 new words. Can you imagine what that will do to your music writing ability? That is something that can take you up to the next level.

Tip 3 - Read a Thesaurus

If you are going to read the dictionary, then you should also take the time to read a thesaurus. This is your companion to the dictionary. For every new word that you learn, look up that same word in the thesaurus. By doing this, you will come up with words that you can use in place of your new word. Watch your songs soar. Try these three steps and watch how much easier it will be to write your rap song lyrics.

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3 Tips on How to Expand Your Vocabulary to Improve Your Rap Song Lyrics

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This article was published on 2010/03/29